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What is W+?

W+ is a solution for website building, security, and marketing that is based on the world's most powerful content management system, WordPress.

Can I use W+ if I'm not familiar with computers?

Of course, we can! W+'s solution is a one-stop worry-free solution. Our platform supports multiple languages and we provide detailed user instructions. For customers who are familiar with computers, they can manage and maintain the platform themselves. If you encounter any problems, you can communicate with us at any time. For customers who are not familiar with our platform, we provide a visual communication platform where they can directly submit their requirements to our technical colleagues for processing. Of course, customers can also contact their account manager for assistance by phone, WeChat, email, etc.

Is your service subscription-based? Are there any hidden fees?

Yes, our service is provided on an annual fee basis and is all-inclusive. There will be no hidden fees for any services within the scope of our service.

Why do you claim to be the most grounded cross-border service?

1. Our system is the most sophisticated website building system internationally, supporting multiple languages and verified by millions of overseas sites. 2. We collaborate with the most famous design template platform - Monster Template, providing all templates with commercial licenses and designed for the Latin language system, primarily English. 3. Our startup team, design team, and technical team are all located in the United States and Canada, with twenty years of experience serving international clients.

Is W+'s server located overseas? What are the benefits?

Yes, W+ is a set of solutions specifically designed for enterprises seeking to expand their marketing overseas. Our servers are all located overseas, which provides several advantages: 1. Our main target audience is overseas, and we prioritize the user experience for these users. Deploying servers overseas ensures fast access for our overseas users. 2. Global CDN ensures reliable access worldwide. 3. Overseas servers help gain trust and recognition from search engines. 4. Each website comes with SSL for added security and peace of mind for visitors and search engines alike.

Does the system also support Chinese language?

Of course, our system perfectly supports multiple languages, including Chinese.

What is SSL, and is it important?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In simple terms, it is a standard technology that ensures the internet connection is secure, protecting any sensitive data sent between two systems and preventing cybercriminals from accessing and modifying any transmitted information, including personal data. The two systems can refer to the server and client (for example, the browser and shopping website) or two servers (for example, an application containing personal or payroll information). This ensures that data transmitted between the user and the site, or between two systems, cannot be read. It uses encryption algorithms to scramble data during transmission, preventing hackers from intercepting it. This data refers to any sensitive or personal information, such as credit card numbers and other financial information, personal names, and addresses. In addition to increasing security, configuring SSL for your website may make it easier to gain Google's trust and improve search ranking. Many service providers charge high fees for SSL, but we provide it for free to all our customers.

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