The Canadian government gives you a website for FREE!

Canada's Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) project can help digitize your business! The Grow Your Business Online program has low requirements and can give you a brand new business website or add shopping cart and reservation functions to your current website. Experts can also provide consulting and planning for your future internet and social media marketing.
In order to do all this, the Canadian government will provide you with a maximum subsidy of $2400, which could be 1/10 or 1/5 of what you might need to pay elsewhere, but here, this grant is enough to accomplish everything and you don't need to pay an additional penny.
Almost without any trouble on your part, everything can be left to us. Just contact us directly if you're interested and we will take care of everything for you! Additionally, we solemnly promise that even if the grant is not approved, you can still get a brand new website from us for free, including servers, email, website and a year-long maintenance service.
Please click on the chat tool in the lower right corner and type "I want a free new website," and our colleagues will assist you immediately!

Grow Your Business Online

Grant Covered

To develop a new e-commerce website or add functionality to your existing site (e.g. online reservation/booking tools, online ordering systems, electronic payments, search engine optimization (SEO))
To install an e-commerce platform
To hire a consultant to help with digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce store that could include activities such as social media advertising.
To track and manage inventory and sales, market to customers, offer discounts, maintain a loyalty program, or increase cyber security using e-commerce software

TO THE TOP INTERNATIONAL INTERNET INC., can provide you with a one-stop solution!
From grant application, to execution, and long-term support for you, here you can get worry-free solutions. Contact us, you will get:

Direct to the Target

A professional and attractive website provided by our production team with over 20 years of experience. All websites are compliant with responsive requirements and display perfectly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The core is secure and stable.

Marketing Above All

Comes with an SEO plugin and coupled with professional SEO reports, your website will achieve higher rankings. Our marketing components also offer various ways to increase customer conversions such as EDM, periodic draw and ChatBot.

Sales Achievement

We customize appropriate e-commerce, subscription, and booking models according to your business, and integrate safe payment interfaces, allowing your business to step into online mode, quickly expanding your online customer sources, and owning unlimited business opportunities.


You can get funding through CDAP if your business:

How it works!

The application process is incredibly simple - with minimal preparation required, as long as you meet the above eligibility criteria, you can apply to receive a free business website and subsequent services.

Successful cases

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Don't miss out on such great benefits. You don't have to pay a penny as the Canadian government covers everything. Many of our customers have contacted us to apply!
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Project Completed

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What documents are required to prove that my company is a registered business?

One (1) of the following: - Master business license - Article of incorporation - GST return from CRA

Is my business eligible if it provides goods and services online only?

Yes. Consumer facing businesses are those that provide the majority of their services directly to consumers. Most will have a bricks and mortar presence where consumers can access their goods and services. Some will also have a virtual 'front door' through their online presence which also provides services to consumers.

Can the owner of multiple businesses submit an application for each business? That is, for example, the owner of three (3) businesses submitting three (3) applications, one for each business.

Yes, as long as each business is registered with its own business number.