Shipper Pro is a tool specifically designed to provide migration solutions for WordPress websites. Whether you want to move your website from one host to another, or migrate your website from a development environment to a production environment, Shipper Pro can help you complete this process.

Shipper Pro has powerful migration capabilities that can automatically handle database migration, file migration, and related settings adjustments. It also provides a visual interface for you to easily manage the migration process and monitor it in real time.

In addition to migration capabilities, Shipper Pro also provides backup and restore functions, as well as troubleshooting tools for potential problems that may occur during the migration process. This allows you to easily backup and restore WordPress websites, and solve common issues that may cause migration failure.

Whether you are an individual developer or a professional WordPress website administrator, Shipper Pro is your ideal choice for migrating WordPress websites.


  • Migrate your WP sites with ease
  • API or package migration
  • Add or exclude files, folders, dbs
  • Migrate subsites to single sites
  • First and best Multisite migrator


  • Migrate your WP sites with ease【Pro】
  • API or package migration【Pro】
  • Add or exclude files, folders, dbs【Pro】
  • Migrate subsites to single sites【Pro】
  • 24/7 expert live WordPress support【Pro】
  • Automate site management with The Hub【Pro】
  • Migrate single site
  • Migrate multisite installation
  • API based migration
  • Package migration
  • Find and replace automatic function
  • Source and destination system check before migration
  • Large file detection Exclude files from migration
  • Exclude database tables from migration
  • Only files migration
  • Only database migration
  • Secure migration file through password protection
  • Detailed migration logs
  • Final migration file size check
  • Restore a site anywhere with a script installer.php file
  • Migrate subsite from a network to a standalone installation
  • Filter trash out, exclude spam comments, revisions, inactive themes, and plugins
  • Extra security step preventing migration without authorization
  • “Safe Mode” package migrations